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Travel to the fictional town of Magic Lake in southern Wisconsin. Magic Lake is the home of Abigail Ritter, half-Filipino, half-German, and all observant, inquisitive, and intrepid. Follow Abigail on her journey to own the best bubble tea shop in the area while adding mystery, magic, and romance to her life.

MURDER AT MAGIC LAKE (publishing September 15, 2021)

When twenty-eight-year-old Abigail Ritter returns to her hometown of Magic Lake, Wisconsin, for her grandmother Isabella’s birthday party, her only goals are to enjoy Filipino food, create the perfect fruit tea drink for the party, and hide her recent job termination from her family. But the party gives way to tragedy when Isabella suffers a fatal fall at The Grand, a former nineteenth century department store converted into a restaurant and apartment building in downtown Magic Lake. Immediately suspicion falls on Brian, the maintenance man and Abigail’s cousin. Determined to find out what really happened, Abigail becomes more deeply drawn into the mystery when she inherits The Grand and the chance to reopen the restaurant. She discovers magic in the town’s past and gains allies such as her cousin Sam, a fortune teller, a handsome detective, and a magical crocheted fox named Sherlock. But the closer Abigail gets to the truth, the higher she rises in the killer’s sights. Will Abigail crack the case or become another victim of The Grand?

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Abigail Ritter might have a knack for creating the best fruit and bubble teas in Magic Lake, but does she have what it takes to run a restaurant? Alan, owner of the local coffeehouse and bookstore Beans and Books, doesn’t think so. At his urging, Abigail signs up for a restaurant food safety course offered at Magic Lake College. She hopes to network with some of the other local restaurant owners. But when Jude Green, owner of the local pancake house, ends up dead after arguing with Alan, Abigail investigates. Aided by her magical crocheted fox Sherlock, she discovers Jude wasn’t as well-liked as everyone thinks. Will Abigail discover the truth, or will her bubble tea shop be permanently closed before the grand opening?

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